What is copyright?

What is copyright? Why is it important for educators?

Simply put, according to PlagiarismToday.com, "fundamentally,
copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things you
create." (What is a copyright, 2012). It provides means to protect
works you create so someone else cannot steal them and profit
from them. However, it also protects others works, so the reverse
cannot happen.

Basic Ideas Behind Copyright

Check out the following site for more information on copyright.

US Government's FAQ on Copyright - Click here.

Plagiarism Today - Click here.

And, in my opinion, the best resource for educators and students
on copyright in an educational setting:

Education World - The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use:
A Five-part series. Click here.

Copyright for Educators and Students 1

For the visual learner, there are a multitude of videos on copyright on the
YouTube platform. Some of the best are ones are produced by Hall Davidson,
the host of the KOCE-TV PBS Program Copyright for Educators, which is
put out for Orange County CA teachers by the PBS SoCaL Education,
formerly the KOCE Classroom Foundation.

Watch the 3 videos on Copyright for Educators and try to ask yourself what are
the common issues educators and students need to deal with concerning copyright.

Hall Davidson - Intro to Copyright for Educators.

Hall Davidson - Overview, part 1.

Hall Davidson - Overview, part 2.

Copyright for Educators and Students 2

Wes Fryer is an educator and author that fancies himself as a 'digital storyteller'. The
following slidecast was recorded live on February 15, 2009 at the ITSC 2009 in Oregon.
The feature presentations addressed copyright issues for educators.

View/listen to this slidecast (combination PowerPoint/podcast/SlideShare document) on
Copyright for Educators.